Åhlens films

For Åhléns, we have made numerous films in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle segments, mainly for social media and the web, but also as campaign material.

Here are some of them:

Bianca Salming

She is only 23 years old and has already won a series of SM gold medals. When athlete Bianca Salming competes, it's important that she feels her best. Here she shares her beauty routine.

Camilla Thulin

She has designed dresses for pop stars and princesses, and is passionate about quality and wardrobe. But when it comes to makeup, she doesn't have the same patience. We wake up with Camilla Thulin and follow her morning routine.

Katia Mosally

We meet Katia Mosally! Known to many as part of the Idol jury, she has the whole world as her workplace in her role as an international marketer in the music industry. Here she shares her top beauty tips.

c/o Larsson

Be inspired by Karin and Carl Larsson. The collection that Åhléns developed together with the Carl Larsson farm is inspired by the Larsson couple's farm, Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn. home. The farm is filled with colour, pattern and a mix of their own and collected art. Åhléns wanted to capture and convey this modern energy in its products.

Frida Selkirk

Sweden's nail queen Frida Selkirk thinks nails are the best accessory in the wardrobe. The three hottest trends in 2022 according to Frida are playful, soft and harmonious and funky French.

Summer's finest swimwear

On the beach, in the country or by the pool. We've immortalised summer's finest swimwear whether you're the active type or the one who prefers to lounge with a book.

How to fix your beard

A lot has happened on the beard front in recent years. We met the legend Håkan Ström at Barber & Books who shares his best tips.


The makeup haul offers an expressive palette. Blushdraping is back and easier than it sounds. Let your cheeks sparkle and frame your face nicely. How to get the look at home!

Selam Fessahaye

It's not just spring makeup that's colourful and playful, but also designer Selam Fessahaye's creations. Creating clothes has been a way for her to communicate - like painting herself. Here she shares her top beauty tips, including getting to know your skin and ideally becoming best friends with it.

Tora Hallström

Despite superstar parents, few people know who Tora Hallström is. The international blockbuster Hilma, directed by her father Lasse, could be the start of Tora's new career. Here she shares her top beauty tips.


One of this fall's big makeup trends is metallic! It doesn't have to be gold or silver that shimmers on your eyelids, choose the colour you like best - or several! Our makeup artist tells you how to get the look.