Hi, I'm Somaya!

One of Skanska's major challenges is to attract women to the construction industry. To drive interest, we developed an inspiring and targeted social media campaign film following woodworker apprentice Somaya El-faddali during a day on the job.



Don't forget your helmet

Employee safety is the most important thing for Skanska. But instead of boring inter-communication on a pressing topic, we asked comedian Micke Tornving to put on his helmet and act in front of the camera. The result was eight minutes that were as entertaining as they were informative. A great success on the building sites!


Join our Movement

The Norwegian Panta Mera organisation Infinitum had problems with poor attendance around the pledge. Klintberg Niléhn developed a communication concept that included a magazine, a website, promotional films in cinemas and social media, focusing on sustainability and environmental heroes.


Think outside the box!

Investing in art has become increasingly interesting for many people. But how do you make the message fly? We took Pontus Silverstolpe, art advisor and one of the founders of Barnebys, to Ståhl Collection in Norrköping. There, Pontus told us in four steps about the most important things to consider.


Every right counts

SJ aims to be one of the country's leading brands in sustainability. Klintberg Niléhn was commissioned by SJ to produce a campaign film for social media. Here we get to follow a court story, from preparation to the belly of a satisfied customer. If the dish is not sold, it is discounted to half price... and then it goes to Allwin, which helps those in society who need it most. Every dish counts!


Åhlens films

For Åhléns, we have made numerous films in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle segments, mainly for social media and the web, but also as campaign material.

Here are some of them:


Here comes dinner!

To demonstrate Foodora's speed and reliability of delivery, Klintberg Niléhn produced four promotional films that showed in quick clips the entire process from order to delivery. The films were shown on social media in Sweden, but also in Denmark and Norway. Bon appetit!


Photographic Magazine

Fotografiska Magazine is the journalistic extension of Fotografiska - a meeting place for photography, food & drink, conversation and encounters. The magazine has a unique opportunity to publish international photographic art, gain access to the most famous images of our time and interview the world's top photographers. The news pages cover events, ideas, exhibitions and news at Fotografiska. The magazine's main mission is to increase interest in photography both as a personal expression and as an art form. Fotografiska Magazine is published four times a year and distributed with DN and SvD, as well as through its own channels.



The Jewel is the name of Uppsala's new landmark and the first thing to greet travellers as the trains roll into town. A shimmering triangular building resembling a gemstone, it is also the most sustainable building in Scandinavia. Commissioned by Skanska, Klintberg Niléhn went on a building tour and produced a film documenting the stunning building and demonstrating Skanska's innovation and care for the environment.


Curious about the boss

What is the boss thinking? At the beginning of the year, Magnus Persson took over as the new CEO of Skanska Sweden. To give all employees across Sweden a quick overview of the new boss, Skanska turned to Klintberg Niléhn. But instead of a predictable corporate film in an office environment, we developed a slightly different question-and-answer format based on Magnus' favorite places around Malmö. The result was a vivid and human portrait.