Welcome Anna Zethraeus!

Tell us a bit about your background!

- Did some useful, fun years in the evening newspaper world after Poppius journalism school. Then I worked as an editor of all stages of the lifestyle wheel at Bonnier: Vecko-Revyn, Amelia, Damernas Värld, Sköna Hem - and took the opportunity to produce my own family in parallel with editor-in-chief jobs at Mama and Family Living. And I've run my own content agency, started up new magazine concepts for Aftonbladet and written travel for Metro.

With us you will work with SJ's on-board magazine Kupé, tell us what you want to do with the magazine!

- I want to find readers through the stories of different people: get those who almost everyone knows to tell something almost no one knows - and find the people who few know but who have stories many can relate to.

Can you share a fun train memory?

- Contrary to many disastrous car journeys, I have only fond memories of Sweden by train. In particular, I remember one from my young wild life, when a friend and I boarded the train in Malmö, after four days of non-stop train travel from Istanbul - without food or a change of clothes. We thought the second-class carriage was like a five-star Hilton.



When HR Föreningen, which is an interest organization for the country's HR employees, wanted to create a more modern and more inclusive expression, the assignment went to Klintberg Niléhn. We developed a new visual identity, from colors and fonts to a new hand-drawn logo, which is in line with HR Föreningen's communication and vision. We also produce their member magazine HR People, which is also available as a separate site.


Alexander Wessely

For Fotografiska we produce the inspiring magazine Fotografiska Magazine which is distributed with DN and SVD. But we also create content for their social media. Here is a teaser for the incredible photographer and sculptor Alexander Wessely, currently with the exhibition Kortex.


Curious about the boss

What is the boss thinking? At the beginning of the year, Magnus Persson took over as the new CEO of Skanska Sweden. To give all employees across Sweden a quick overview of the new boss, Skanska turned to Klintberg Niléhn. But instead of a predictable corporate film in an office environment, we developed a slightly different question-and-answer format based on Magnus' favorite places around Malmö. The result was a vivid and human portrait.


Campaign film for SJ

SJ's ambition is to be one of the country's leading brands in sustainability, and in this work it leaves nothing to chance. Klintberg Niléhn was commissioned by SJ to produce a campaign film that will go viral on social media this spring. Here we get to follow a court story, from preparation to the belly of a satisfied customer. And the dish isn't sold, it's discounted to half price... and then it goes to Allwin, which helps those in society who need it most. Every dish counts!


Lannebo: New graphic identity

When fund company Lannebo wanted to update its communication and create a more inclusive and modern feel that better reflects the company's DNA, it turned to Klintberg Niléhn to develop a new graphic and visual identity. A first glimpse of what the new expression will look like will be in early March in Lannebo's customer magazine distributed with DN and SvD. During the year, the form will be implemented in other channels.


2022 i review

How do you sum up 50 magazine productions, 112 newsletters, 71 films, 3 graphic redesigns, hundreds of hours of strategy and branding... Here's 2022 in 60 seconds. Or at least some of all Klintberg Niléhn's projects during an intense but very successful last year. Join us behind the scenes and see what we were up to.


In Vino turns 1 year old

Exactly one year ago, the first issue of In Vino, a magazine produced by Klintberg Niléhn in collaboration with Munskänkarna - the world's largest organisation for wine lovers - was published. "The magazine and the content that Klintberg Niléhn produces for us has been a great boost for our association and a fantastic recruitment tool, helping us to bring in almost 2,000 new members last year," says Mats Lindelöw, chairman of Munskänkarna.


Pernod Ricard chooses Klintberg Niléhn

Pernod Ricard is one of the world's largest companies in the wine and spirits industry with brands such as Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet and others. After a long pitch process, Pernod Ricard has now chosen Klintberg Niléhn as its content partner in Northern Europe.


Audi + Klintberg Niléhn

For Audi, Klintberg Niléhn has developed a brand new premium magazine that is sent out to all customers twice a year. In addition, we collaborate on the car brand's newsletter and social media. To be part of the journey that Audi is facing is incredibly exciting. The future is electric and bursting with innovation!

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